The leading risk management and quality assurance provider for PV equipment and power plants

SolarBuyer provides expert technical advisory, risk management and quality assurance services for the buyers and investors in solar projects world-wide. We leverage direct relationships with manufacturers to independently assess equipment quality and work with system owners to assure the safety, reliability and performance of their systems.

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Technical Due Diligence

Our independent assessments are designed to evaluate product quality and identify potential safety, reliability and performance risks. Assessments are based on in-depth, expert evaluations of product design, materials and manufacturing. By operating independently, SolarBuyer avoids the conflict of interest inherent in manufactured-funded bankability assessments.

Quality Assurance

Our professional quality assurance services are designed to independently check and verify the quality of solar products built for specific projects or fleets. Our services include manufacturing oversight, pre- and post-shipment inspection and testing. We apply state-of-the-art quality criteria and defect management techniques.

Procurement Assistance

Our procurement assistance services help buyers and investors integrate risk and quality management into product supply contracts. We also provide vendor selection, qualification and product contracting services for buyers that leverage our large network of manufacturer relationships.

Field Services

Our field services are designed to provide buyers and owners with product quality assessments after installation - including time-of-manufacturing quality data reviews, field inspections, field degradation rate evaluations and warranty claim support.

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