Products & Services

SolarBuyer provides a comprehensive range of products and services to manage product risk and quality from the early stages of project development through installation and operation of the product in the field.

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RFP/RFQ Management

SolarBuyer can run, manage or support RFP/RFQ processes for solar products, based on a clear set of procurement requirements agreed in advance. SolarBuyer leverages direct relationships with solar manufacturers and up to date knowledge of product supply to successfully manage efficient RFP/RFQ processes and deliver a clear set of procurement options to clients.

SolarBuyer RFP/RFQ management typically includes:

  • RFP/RFQ preparation
  • Manufacturer selection and targeting
  • Manufacturer response management
  • Response evaluations
  • Procurement recommendations

SolarBuyer will evaluate, benchmark and compare manufacturer responses in order to make clear procurement recommendations to clients.