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SolarBuyer provides a comprehensive range of products and services to manage product risk and quality from the early stages of project development through installation and operation of the product in the field.

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Quality Assurance

SolarBuyer quality assurance services are designed to independently check and verify the quality of solar products built for specific projects – or to monitor the quality of product being shipped to client portfolios or fleets on an ongoing basis. In general supply agreements should include provisions for third party assurance for this service to be effective. SolarBuyer can advise on suitable agreement language.

Although product quality can be verified after shipment, the focus of SolarBuyer quality assurance work is typically in the factory where the product is built. Overt or latent defects may not be visible or easily inspected out of product that has already left the factory. Verifying product in the factory also means the product is still under the manufacturers’ ownership and the buyer can more easily resolve quality issues quickly and effectively.

Two types of assurance are necessary to comprehensively verify product quality – production oversight and pre-shipment inspection. The leading cause of latent product defects is poor or inconsistent manufacturing processes. Only by overseeing the actual manufacturing process can the risk of latent defects be avoided. Inspection can validate the basic health of the finished product by identifying any overt defects.

  • Ensure product is built to specification
  • Verify and assure quality before shipment
  • Quickly identify and remedy defective processes or product
  • Reject or correct product that does not meet defined quality standards
  • Provide a means for in-factory batch acceptance
  • Provide documented validation of quality to future project owners or financiers

There are several competing service providers offering factory based quality assurance services. SolarBuyer differentiates itself by employing professional quality engineers with significant solar manufacturing experience that are trained to identify risks and poor quality, not just follow a checklist. SolarBuyer also provides free-of-charge buyer support in the event defects are identified – providing dependable support to our clients in these situations is when the rubber really hits the road in managing quality.