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SolarBuyer provides a comprehensive range of products and services to manage product risk and quality from the early stages of project development through installation and operation of the product in the field.

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High Volume, Post-Shipment Inspection

This service provides a means to rapidly and inexpensively inspect product that has already been delivered or shipped into the US. This service replicates the typical inspection process conducted by the manufacturer, but in an independently owned and operated facility.

This service can be used as part of a regular process to monitor product quality, inspect suspect product, or check product that has been damaged during shipment or on-site. The service has been particularly successful at picking up defects appearing after shipment from the factory. Latent defect rates identified through this inspection have typically varied anywhere from <1% to over 80%.

In most cases SolarBuyer utilizes the manufacturers own’ inspection equipment but carries out an independent calibration of the equipment before each inspection and conducts the inspection itself independently from the manufacturer.

Standard SolarBuyer or customer-specific inspection criteria and defect rate thresholds may be applied. Defect rates that exceed the acceptance thresholds may result in additional inspection or rejection of product as part of an agreed process to control or improve quality.

PV Modules
Flash (IV) testing to check for power and resistance defects
Electroluminescence (EL) imaging to check for cell and soldering defects
Visual inspection to check for mechanical assembly defects

Current fees are approximately $35 per module based on full pallet quantities (shipping to/from the inspection facility not included).