Products & Services

SolarBuyer provides a comprehensive range of products and services to manage product risk and quality from the early stages of project development through installation and operation of the product in the field.


Production Oversight

This service includes experienced SolarBuyer Quality Engineers deployed in the factory during manufacturing of product for your project(s). Our Engineers monitor production to ensure that all critical material, process and production controls are applied – and applied correctly.

We ensure that only certified, qualified materials and components are used. We also verify that only qualified factories and workshops are used to manufacture the product and track product by serial number. Our Engineers don’t just check that the manufacturer is following their own standards and procedures; we also check the standards and procedures themselves for any gaps or weaknesses.

The Engineers can have the authority to stop production or reject product if controls do not meet pre-defined standards and criteria. Batch-based management reports are provided with details of all findings and actions taken to protect quality.

Overseeing production is the only way to ensure certain critical defects caused by poor controls are identified and removed. These types of defects CANNOT be identified and screened in the final product. Examples include poor soldering or lamination – serious defects that can impact the safety, reliability and performance.

SolarBuyer provides criteria against which manufacturing performance during production oversight can be measured, assessed and utilized to accept / reject product. This service typically includes oversight of the following areas within production – any of which may be tailored dependent on the risk profile of the particular manufacturer:

PV Modules Inverters & Smart Electronics
Material shelf-life and storage condition Material shelf-life and storage condition
Incoming quality controls Material and component preparation
Conformance to certified bill of materials Component traceability
Equipment condition and maintenance Incoming quality controls
Equipment calibration Sub-assembly controls and tests
Soldering process quality Conformance to certified bill of materials
Flux controls Equipment condition and maintenance
Solder joint quality & pull strengths Equipment calibration
Cell bowing and stress induction Work-flow control
Cell alignments and isolation Surface mount (SMT) process controls
Lay-placement and material coverage Through hole (TH) component prep and insertion
Lamination process quality Through hole (TH) assembly process control
Lamination gel contents & DSC Conformal coating process control
Laminate peel strengths Mechanical assembly control
Laminate edge treatment Configuration control
Frame assembly and fixation Burn-in / environmental testing
Junction box assembly and attach Safety verification and performance testing
Pottant mix and cure controls Repair & re-work
Bypass diode quality Final inspection (OBA assessments)
Curing process control Electro-static discharge control
Electro-static discharge control Handling controls
Electroluminescence imaging Climate & hygiene controls
Digital imaging quality and security
Flash testing calibration and control
Hi-potential testing
Ground-continuity testing
Insulation testing
Handling controls
Climate & hygiene controls