Products & Services

SolarBuyer provides a comprehensive range of products and services to manage product risk and quality from the early stages of project development through installation and operation of the product in the field.

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SolarBuyer conducts independent assessments of solar products designed to thoroughly evaluate quality as well as identify and describe potential field safety, reliability and performance risks. The assessments are based on in-depth, expert evaluations of product design, materials and manufacturing to generate a comprehensive view on quality.  All assessments include practical recommendations to manage and mitigate risk. SolarBuyer has experience assessing 23 GW of solar production capacity – including conducting 180 audits on 80 mainstream manufacturers in 14 countries.

  • Understand the real difference in quality between products.
  • Learn how product quality relates to field risk.
  • Satisfy product diligence requirements for financing.
  • Obtain practical advice on managing product risk.
  • Get more leverage in commercial negotiations.
  • Mitigate product risk before installation.
  • Minimize reliance on warranties.
  • Enhance valuations for the secondary market.
  • Inform system O&M requirements.