Products & Services

SolarBuyer provides a comprehensive range of products and services to manage product risk and quality from the early stages of project development through installation and operation of the product in the field.

IMG_0977BsmallFactory Audits

SolarBuyer factory audits are designed to evaluate the manufacturing quality of solar products. SolarBuyer examines all manufacturing and related processes that affect the field safety, reliability and performance of delivered products – in particular manufacturing processes that can create latent defects not visible in the finished product.

Factory audits evaluate the level and consistency of quality in day-to-day production. We assess factory operations from end-to-end, stress-test quality control and assurance processes and conduct in-depth reviews of all manufacturing systems, procedures, processes and equipment.

SolarBuyer reviews the manufacturers’ conformance to their own standards, but we also evaluate potential risks created by the standards themselves. This is important given the lack of any internationally adopted standards for solar manufacturing. SolarBuyer has tailored audit protocols covering PV modules, inverters and smart electronics.

SolarBuyer factory audits include detailed assessments of the following:

  • Certification conformance
  • Incoming quality controls
  • Materials warehousing and storage controls
  • Material controls used through production
  • Process controls applied in all critical assembly steps
  • Outgoing quality controls, safety and electrical testing
  • Finished goods management, packaging and shipping
  • Process and equipment maintenance and calibration
  • Engineering change management; factory organization and cleanliness
  • Product, quality and factory management, supply chain management
  • Human resource management
  • Environmental, health and safety management

Reports covering a wide range of solar products and manufacturers are available in two formats: Quality Dashboards or Audit Reports. All reports include benchmarked product quality ratings as well as a risk profile, description and assessment of risk, and practical recommendations for managing and mitigating risk.

Quality Dashboards provide a high-level assessment ideal for vendor screening and shortlisting. Audit Reports provide a detailed evaluation ideal for project financing, supply contracting and secondary market evaluations. For more detail on the content of different reports and their intended use, please contact SolarBuyer.