Why Us

SolarBuyer maintains the largest available database of independent technical
due diligence on PV modules having covered more than 80 mainstream manufacturers
with over 120 in-depth factory audits.

Unbeatable Experience

No other technical diligence and quality assurance company in solar can claim to have the same breadth and depth of experience with solar products and manufacturers as SolarBuyer. Since the company was founded in 2011, we have built up significant experience throughout the project life cycle – from early stage technical diligence, supply contracting, quality assurance applied during manufacturing to field assessments of quality, performance and degradation.

  • 23 GW of factories assessed for quality
  • 180 factory audits conducted in 14 countries
  • 80 manufacturers regularly evaluated
  • $3B in supply contracts supported
  • 3 GW of projects quality assured

Unparalleled Expertise

SolarBuyer has built a strong global team that possesses unparalleled expertise with solar products – covering PV modules, inverters and smart electronics. Core members of the team have been active in the solar industry since the ‘90s working for major manufacturers in various technical, production and quality related roles. The SolarBuyer team is now bringing this experience to bear for the benefit of buyers and investors across the industry.

  • 160 years cumulative solar experience
  • Experts in product technology, manufacturing processes and quality assurance
  • Knowledge of the latest solar technologies and manufacturing developments
  • Close relationships with other established industry experts such as DNV-GL and NREL

Affordable Access to Quality

Our passion for quality is rooted in a fundamental belief that all our clients want affordable access to safe, reliable, good-performing solar products. As product quality can have a direct impact on solar yields and performance degradation, it’s vitally important that buyers and investors pay close attention to quality. Unfortunately the industry lacks meaningful product quality standards so the buyer or investor must play an active role in defining and managing quality. SolarBuyer has the passion, experience and expertise to support buyers and investors in this mission.

  • A unique cost-share model to give each client low-cost access to our services
  • Never paid by manufacturers to ensure our only focus is protecting clients’ interests
  • The experience and expertise to know what impacts quality and how to manage it
  • A focus on delivering measurable, genuine quality, not ‘tick the box’ quality